• I craved footrubs, and being pampered in general. I didn't have to much in the way of food cravings, though. I overdid it mixing together different types of ice creams and topping at Baskin Robbins once. They all looked so good, but were none too tasty when I ate it. :-(
  • Only for my first, I craved chocolate..Couldn't get enough,trouble was, it gave me bad heartburn:(
  • For the last 3 months I was desperate for Wimpy burgers, anyone coming from England would probably remember a McDonalds cheeseburger....I had 3 a day if I could.
  • First time around I just wanted to eat pizzas and the second time it was chopsuey.
  • Not with my daughters. But with my son I craved over ripe bananas (I don't like ripe bananas, prefer them on the green side) Mayonaise (I always hated mayo, to the point of nausea when something had mayo.)Hubby took a picture of me eating it straight from the jar... Fried eggs. (not a problem, always liked them) I still don't like ripe bananas, but I do like mayo now! :)
  • Yes!! When i was pregnant I craved soap, it drove me crazy! i was in the shower, when i picked up the soap - and i wanted to eat it. my boyfriend tried to stop me but i couldn't help it. i was a this soap monster!
  • I craved blueberries with my first pregnancy and bavarian cream (only) doughnuts with my 3rd.
  • Hell Yeah!
  • Hotdogs and oh my goodness i hated Pizza and it used to be my favorite food and i hated it....but ate about 2 packs of hotdogs a week
  • I am currently pregnant and craving mayo. I liked mayo somewhat before. Not by itself, but in moderation on sandwiches and things. Now I'm craving mayo alone. I was happy to see I am not alone in the mayo cravings
  • Yes. Cheese and Milk. But more surprising, Coffee revolted me. (ME who could drink 8 cups a day, The smell made me heave.)
  • Yes, with my first pregnancy, I was expecting a boy, I had cravings for very sweet things, chocolate, sweets, donuts, cakes, desserts etc etc. For my second pregnancy this time a girl I had cravings for fruit juices especially orange juice. I needed fruit constantly like bananas. I ate more fruit than i did other foods.
  • my first a boy i craved peanut butter and jam sandwiches and french toast i ate one of the every day i could get enough and gained 60 pounds my second a girl i craved kit kat bars and oranges , only gained 30 pounds.
  • I am pregnant and I crave milk and steak constantly. With my last pregnancy I craved nectarines and cottage cheese mixed together. I never ate it before and have never eaten it since but while I was pregnant I ate it every day.

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