• This was a serious question. I was really feeling down. Maybe "Outside the Bag" isn't the place for serious questions, because it is hard to believe that nobody has ever felt really bad about themself.
  • I wish I could think of a day I didn't think I'd fucked things up in one way or another. Just do what I do, smile and go with it, otherwise you'll wind up as an emo, and noone wants that
  • i totally was like that every time i used to open my mouth about somethingor said something that could hurt someone! everyone hated me but i got better and at not saying things i shouldnt or wasnt my problem! it sucks but you just have to keep trying not too
  • "Insert foot in mouth"? Oh yeah. It seems we're prone to say things that shouldn't be said out of a desire to watch its' negative effects take place. Practice refraining from speaking the next time you get that urge and you'll immediately recognize your successs at preventing the next train wreck! Think: If I say ______the effect of it most likely will be ___________. Will this effect have a positive impact? If no, break out the duct tape. LOL We're all guilty of this, especially when we're emotionally driven.

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