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  • The perfect woman for me. Intelligent Quick witted Employed Full time. Wants/likes children Attractive I want to be with someone who accepts me for who I am and does not want to change me nor do I want to change them. This woman would have to enjoy classic cars, camping and all types of music. Someone who can carry on an intelligent conversation about a variety of subject and not just give me highlights of horrible reality television. The perfect woman would have a career and want to be with me not just have me support them because they cant get past employment with fast food.
  • someone who is both my best friend and my girlfriend, beautiful blue eyes, hilarious and always making me smile, blonde hair, someone i can talk to and never get bored, somone to share a silence on a trampoline with, smart and enjoys reading for fun, and someone i know is the right person for me... well if you havent guessed im talking about a specific person someone i talk about in my question
  • Someone who looks at me and sees Rihanna...

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