• and that is called the circle of life.....but when you do find one that will stick by you no matter what keep them because they are hard to find.
  • People are who they are. We all have our faults. Who we choose as friends is also important. When looking, also see who their friends are, and see if they are the sort of people you would also like to have in your circle. The best friend is yourself. If you have integrity, maintain trust, have repect for others, are willing to go an extra mile for others ----you often will find you are associated with similiar people. If you keep to your values, and someone doesn't, then perhaps you need to let them go quietly with a smile. You might be lonely, however not for long. Others might be impressed that you showed respect for those that betrayed you, however also that you no longer kept them in your circle. Your circle of friends will become strong with the values they uphold and maintain.
  • friends...put ya trust in GOD not in people..he wa never betray of fail u, he's one friend that wa always b there for u.
  • I've felt that way before too, before I realized who my true friends were. You'll know a true friend by the ability to stick through those hard times, and if the friendship strengthens afterwards.
  • You probably need to examine your role in those relationships. If you're weak or easily lead then it's unlikely you will make "friends," but more "acquaintances".
  • Proverbs 17:17 tells us that
  • Then you need better friends.
  • Consider friends like white flies! How many have you ever seen?
  • i think there is but we're not always lucky enough to find them

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