• I guess I better get a job.LOL
  • HMMMM that one is tricky...Not that there is a problem living with your mom depending on the reason you are there....but just can't be a momma's boy..
  • Depends on how old he is. I think it would be kinda weird. I never dated a guy that lived at home with momma.
  • my husband lived with his mother and his grandfather when i married him... he was 21.
  • It would depend why he's living with her. If it's because she needs help or some sort of living assistance from him, then of course I'd be okay with dating him. If it's because he's a mommy's boy or can't get it together enough to take care of himself, then I probably wouldn't want to date him.
  • I wouldnt mind dating a man who lived with his mother if it was for the right reason such as she can not live alone due to medical reasons. or if it is a single mother and she was a cool lady i think it would be alright that is sweet that he would be there for her since she has been there for him his whole life
  • Sure why not.
  • I don't see the problem with it as long as he's doing everything else an adult should. Like working and paying his own bills.
  • No way.
  • not unless it was because his mother needed him and he was supporting her. that i'd have absolutely no problem with, in fact i'd respect it. but if he was depending on her...i'd probably let that guy go
  • No. I used to date that kind of guy, when I was fully dependent adult woman with low self-esteem. Why would I date the same, if I were finally confident and independent?
  • I suppose it would depend on the reason the gentleman in question was living with his mother. I have a 42 year old sister who lives with my parents for a number of reasons. Primarily, they are her best friends. They do everything together, and she loves coming home to a house that has people in it. Secondarily, my parents health is declining, and she is a registered nurse. She takes excellent care of them and has refused offers on multiple occassions of apartments or even purchasing a new home. (She now owns the house they all live in.) So if the reasons are good ones, then yes, I would definitely consider it. But I would go into the relationship with my eyes open, and realize that I would be getting a 2-for-1 deal.
  • hey first of all im a man answering this q and i must say one thing there's only one or two reasons its cool to date a guy who lives with mommy and thats #1 if she's very sick or near dying and hes very close to her and two if he's paying either all or part of the bills. cause lets face it mommas boy or not what good is he to you if he cant support himself financially in the beginning of any relationship..... he'll just keep going from moma to moma trying to fill that voy...

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