• I'd say moterbike when ever i try to ride one i allways fall off,where as i'm really good at quading also a quad is safer because it has 4 wheels,and quads are more fun.
  • Depends where. I think that quads are very dangerous because people don't take lessons, take them for granted as being safe, and often use them off road and do dangerous things with them, or ride two up when they shouldn't. I lived somewhere that allowed beach and dune riding and so many people. especially kids were hurt or killed from riding quads, many more than motorbikes. But if you don't take the MSF course and don't wear the proper safety equipment and don't ride with safety in mind, riding a bike with all those other cars in the road can be dangerous as well. But if you do take all those precautions, it's not so dangerous, as most accidents are actually one vehicle accidents, meaning rider error, usually people riding too fast and not wearing proper equipment.
  • I would say motorcycle just going on statistics. I hear of more incidents on them.
  • Well,seeing as alot of people drink and drive 4wheelers I would say that would be the more dangerous of the two.When you get on a motorcycle you are on the road and feel more restricted in the drinking aspect.
  • Hey...where did you get those statistaics? I've been riding bikes and ATVs for most of my life. I currently race motocross and from my experience ATV accidents are often more serious that motorcycle accidents. It seems that when you crash on a bike you fall away from it but on an ATV you get rolled over by it. I don't have any statistics but I'd sure like to see some credible statistics. Thanks,
  • Atvs, they are more difficult to control, more likely to tip over and cause more serious injury when they land on top of the rider.

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