• Yes, because they probably know more about computers than I do and may be able to retrieve it. I would want them to at least have that chance.
  • Yes, I'll fess up. I'd never be able to withhold from a friend like that. I mean, it was a mistake, and they will understand and I will take full responsibility for my remiss behavior!
  • I'd probably try to get the IT department to find it first, then confess...and duck!
  • ughhhh, depends on how important, or else id just avoid him for about a week and not menchion files of any sort to anybody. but if its really important id fess up.
  • Nah deny everything even if they have evidence. Suggest their evidence is wrong.
  • No i would simply go to the recyle bin on the desktop and put it back :)
  • Nope, I call my buddy in IT and have them restore the file.
  • Hmmm, I know enough about computers to: a) never delete an important file b) restore it, if I ever did. But, assuming none of that were true, I would first call IT, have them fix it, then fess up after the fact :)
  • i am the tech officer so if i accidentally anything id just fix it lol
  • Yes, I would. I'd have to. If I kept quiet, I"d feel like a complete weasel. Who else would or wouldn't know is not the issue. I would know. On a practical level, when you choose (and yes, this is a choice) to keep your mouth shut, you put yourself in the position of being unable to provide information that could help restore the file. Your inaction exacerbates an already messy situation. On a more important level, consider this: Keeping quiet is a deliberate, planned action that goes to covering up the truth. It's dishonorable. Look at it this way: The erasure was an accident - an unplanned screw-up. People will forgive mistakes, generally. We respect those who own their mistakes, especially when they do so voluntarily. The person who confesses, grows from the experience because he acted honorably, even though he felt conflicted. Growth results from conflict. In the end, Truth pulls something good and right from chaos. I've seen it a hundred times. Two great quotes come to mind here: "Character is doing what's right when nobody's looking." and "It's never the circumstances. It's how you handle the circumstances that's important."
  • I can not lie, nor can I hide...I would have to tell the truth.
  • to be honest if it was a good friend then yes but if it was not then I might hard to say
  • yes I would
  • id undelete it, im a computer tech.
  • Yes, I would tell them I did it.
  • Without a doubt! And as soon I can!.....It wasn't on purpose, it was a mistake. I wouldn't think of not telling them!!!!!
  • I would definitely confess to doing it. I don't lie about anything if I can possibly help it. So, I don't think I could do it in this case either. It was a mistake. People make mistakes. The best thing to do - in my opinion, is to just admit to doing it, say that I'm sorry, and get on with things as best as I can. I would also try to make it up to the person somehow.
  • Yes... If it hasn't been updated since the last backup, it should be completely available from it. The only thing that WOULD be lost is anything new entered into it since then.
  • Only if they specifically asked me if I was the one who did it.

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