• I have no references to sources of props, however you may try to find someone resourceful to make them on a low budget. For the blood issue, here is a link to a site that describes how to create gunshot scenes without the use of pyrotechnics (squibs) and it also contains a link on how to create your own fake blood:
  • It's Very simple, the props come from a simple Toy Shop, if you are on a low budget but if not it is sometimes easier to contact a movie prop company. For the blood how ever i have an easy answer, as i am a Horror Writer i used to be stuck on this question, but the answer is to go to the local butchers or abatoir and ask for pigs blood, its not high in demand so it should be easy, as long as your actors dont have a problem with it.
  • i don't know if you are STILL needing props (after all these years), but that's what i do. We make things for theme parks, billboards, churches, etc. Let me know if we can help...

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