• Just 2
  • Only two, but there was supposed to be one called King Conan; Cross of Iron some years ago, with once again, Arnold as Conan. However that was when he decided to criminalize sorcery in California instead, so the film was forgotten, as nobody else could possibly do Conan, apparently. :/ So we're stuck with those old ones which isn't a problem but I really don't like the second one.
  • 2. The first was pretty good but the second was a little flat. They should have adapted one of Robert E. Howard's novels directly to screen. Too much Hollywood crap. Red Nails, Hour of the Dragon or Tower of the Elephant would have been great with say Riddley Scott as the director.
  • There has been two Conan movies but I do believe Conan makes a cameo appearance in the movie Red Sonja. Not technically a Conan movie per se but if you were enough of a fan you could maybe consider it one.
  • Conan the destroyer, and conan the barbarian and,and the spin off Red Sonya,where conan is not the main character.

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