• There were some manufacturers that were using different types of substrate to get more performance from the CD-R disks, but I don't believe that is the case any longer. If the media is stamped with a speed rating it will work at that speed. I have not had any experience with different colored media working better than any other media when it is burned at its rated speed. Make sure to watch out for brands of media that are significantly cheaper than the more quality brands. These disks will usually not be rated at the same speed and/or they could be more prone to writing a bad disk (one with read errors, not buffer underruns like in the olden days).
  • Theres no difference it just looks nicer, but whats the point in paying extra money for colourful cd's! they will be in your cd player! they are not fashionable, you don't wear them round your neck do you!!!!!!!!!

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