• Is this the same wrist that you want to fake break for a play? Do you want to break your wrist on purpose, or just know how wrists generally break? If you do it on purpose, it's known as self harm, which is very serious. Dropping something heavy on a wrist will quite often break it, as will putting your hands out when you fall over. Wrists quite often snap when put under this amount of pressure and weight.
  • Remember that you may not be able to act as if you had a healthy wrist if your wrist is broken- no other roles for you!
  • Before you do something so stupid, you should know that a broken bone is likely to have arthritis when you're older. You think you'll just get over it--well, you never get over arthritis. And you think "you'll just take aspirin"--well, it's not nearly that simple. Painkillers have side effects, and with arthritis and rheumatism pain you still have to do what your doctor tells you (special exercises, hot soaks, rest or whatever) because the pain will just break through your painkiller.

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