• A customer comes in off the street, purchases, then leaves. A client is someone who has a regular order from you and some sort of relationship with the company.
  • Client - Pays you to do their work. Customer - Pays the company you work for to scan, bag and charge them for merchandise they wish to purchase. ...? Just wingin' that answer...
  • A customer is just someone that wants to buy something from you. A client is someone who's paying you for your services.
  • A customer is someone you sell a product to. A client is someone you sell your services to.
  • For me, a customer is someone who walks into your business without necessarily knowing you personally. A client might seek you directly, has direct interaction with you and becomes a repeat customer. Client has more of a 'personalized' feel for me. I don't know why.
  • a customer is the one you promise all the benefits to. a client is the one you tell which benefits only apply to him.
  • The names are seemingly synonymous, but there is definitely a degree of difference. A client is a customer with whom the business has an actual relationship and rapport with. It is less about selling the product and more about selling that relationship. In my business, as sales technique, my boss has taught a strategy by which you learn the needs of your client based on their personality -- whether they are mostly amiable, expressive, analytical, or directive -- and work with them accordingly to match their needs and provide quality service. (I work in a marketing type situation in which companies employ our third party service to boost their websites, etc.). We may consider them customers, but there is certainly a higher level of business involved. Of course, it does depend on the business. The grocery does not need clients ;)
  • I see a customer as one who needs a small job or someone who wants something. A client is someone who is paying for your service (as in a lawyer or a doctor) who knows you more personally and sees you more frequently (rather than once or twice).
  • I think of a "customer" as one who purchases goods and services from a variety of different stores, whereas a "client" is one who purchases professional services such as accounting or legal services. McDonald's has customers and lawyers/accountants have clients. Doctors have patients, lawyers have clients, department stores have customers.
  • As an Insurance Agent, I have clients. I call them clients for the same reasons as everyone else has, I provide them with a service and the majority of them have been doing business with me for many years. To me, calling someone a "customer" is informal, which I feel should only be referred to someone who only purchases a product and not a service.
  • customers are just random idiots and clients are random idiots that just keep coming back to haunt you.
  • A customer is known as a daily store shopper. A client usually hires professional advice.

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