• Whether or not you registered it, the manufacturers warranty still applies. The registration cards make things easier, but there's no legal requirement that you register your purchase in order to be protected by the warranty. So it really depends on how long you've had it. If it's not long, call the store you got it from and see if it's within their return period. This is usually a very short time, thus it's not very likely, so you'll probably need to call the manufacturer, then. You'll need the serial number of the unit (it should be on a sticker somewhere on the underside of the console), and possibly the model number (should be on same sticker), too. You'll also need to tell them the date you bought it, and if you have any way to prove you bought it on that date, it helps (if you used a credit card or check card or check, the CC company or bank will be able to provide you with a copy of the transaction, which works fine as proof of purchase), but the main thing is to not let yourself be intimidated. If the machine is broken due to faulty hardware, this _is_ their issue to fix, and is a standard warranty repair. You may have to pay shipping or part of the repair cost (if you've had the unit longer than the full-warranty time period), but you may not -- having worked tech support and customer service many times, I can tell you that how much help you get and how useful it is depends a _lot_ on who you happen to talk to, and whether or not they _want_ to help you. Being nice is, therefore, a good bet. good luck!

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