• Awww DAMMIT !! I just looked and I got A TON of AB pages open again ...
  • 2 - Internet Explorer and Mahjong Titans!
  • AB, Outlook and Word. I'm s'posed to be workin' -_-
  • Right now ive got AIM, Windows Media, Finale Music Notation, and Internet Explorer. And Im only using Internet Explorer. Go figure
  • Two instances of firefox, two instances of word 2007, Outlook 2007 and my downloads folder. In firefox I've got 10 tabs open, and the second instance is my XM web player :)
  • Three, yahoo e-mail, Facebook and AB. : )
  • Just answerbag and yahoo messanger.
  • The only one is AB - one tab.
  • Only Mozilla Firefox with Answerbag and AVG just completed a scan of the whole computer. Everything was OK.
  • I don't have the foggiest idea. Hubby set up the computer so that all I have to do is click on the things I want to do and it does the rest. It protects me from outside attacks, lets me know when I have entries on other pages I want to see, enters my passwords when they are needed, communicates to his computer and the wireless, and all kinds of other behind the scenes things I know nothing about.
  • Hogwasher a newsgroup reader Macpar... a video decompression software MSN Messenger.....a real time chat software Safari...... a browser used for googling right now email program VLC.....a video viewer for .avi files Foxfire....used for ABing right now So 7 are open for multi-tasking.
  • 1) ISP dialer 2) Pidgin (Buddy list and two conversations) 3) Firefox - two instances, nine tabs across AB and one other site 4) Connection status monitor 5) Sancho
  • five and I just shut down about 6 others. I love to multi-task. AB,, Netflix and WordPerfect 12,<---just for you. Earlier I had WikiAnswers,YahooAnswers, (won a 100.00 walmart card yesterday! whee),two webpage comment sites. When I'm on the computer, thoughts or questions will pop into my head and I'll run a google on them. Always thinking.....

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