• Don't nag him about the time you're not spending together when you ARE spending time together. B*tchy and/or whiny attitudes make them NOT want to stick around. Just have a good time when he's around, and end the day with a happy-sounding "We should do this more often".
  • If after a open honest discussion with him he doesn't try to compromise and work out a way to make both sides happy, you have your answer and he's showing you his priorities.
  • There is only one thing proven to remove a men from gathering in packs with other man, its call Sex or the promise of sex(works for a limited amount of time only).
  • Just tell him. And like someone else mentioned, don't nag or "itch" about it. Just let him know that you'd like it if you two could spend a little more time together. He shouldn't get angry at you nor should he just blow you off, if he does, then there's obviously a problem. He should always take your wants and needs into consideration.
  • Talk to your boyfriend, tell him how you feel. Communication is the best weapon. He will never know about what's wrong unless you make yourself heard. Do remember to be kind so that he may take what you say into consideration. Sex is never an answer when communication is needed!!!
  • This is one problem that can only be solved with the proper communication. Perhaps he's happiest when he's out. I'm sure you can work this out.
  • why does my boyfriend spend more time with his friends then what can i do to make him know i dont like being out
  • He is just not into you..get rid of him and findsome one who wants to spend time with you..
  • That's typically a function of age. If you're in your teens or early 20's, that's not unusual. Beyond that, it could be a sign of immaturity. It's not the sort of thing to argue over, but let him know you'd like to spend more time together. When I was in my late 20's, I was spending a lot of time with my gf, not enough for her & she let me know how annoyed she was over that. Had no choice but to let her go.
  • just tell him its making you feel left out and ask if you can go with him

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