• You don't have to be qualified to criticize anyone. It is called being observant. He has the lowest approval rating of any president we ever had. He has royally f'd this country up. Look at the gas prices and how hard it is to get a job, all the people going into foreclosure. What is not to criticize?
  • I wonder about that and not only regarding the presidency or politics. What makes someone qualified? You can disagree or criticize, it's your right. If someone knows a thing or two about the subject at hand they might have a better and more balanced view on things. To criticize someone with little or no basis or knowledge of what is being discussed is seldom appropriate.
  • If nobody criticizes anything then nothing would change. As for your president or anyone elses i expect his best quality would have be to listen to his advisers, who put the proposals forward and make the final decision for which he will carry the can, so to speak
  • It doesn't take a genius to evaluate this president. You and everyone else knows his numerous shortcomings and errors affecting everyone. If you choose to be in denial, that's ok too. It's your little corner of the world.
  • I am a taxpayer and a citizen of the United States. That qualifies me to question how my taxes are spent and how my government represents my interests. I object strenuously the way the government is being run, in both domestic and foreign policy. I believe we have an idiot at the helm...since he is the one ultimately responsible for the running. And it is being run poorly. You bet I can protest and thank God I can be heard in this country.
  • Everyone has the right to free speech! As a US citizen you have the right to say whatever you want, it's in the First Amendment.
  • Most of the people who criticize the president would probably not be able to do his job better than he does. There are also much less informed than the president and probably not enough qualified to make a detailed criticism of his policy. However, they can certainly inform themselves by journalists and authors who have this qualification. They could also have a look at the foreign press or the international reactions to his policy. And they are also able to make themselves an opinion about what he is saying, what he is doing and have a general impression about the evolution of the nation under his rule. You could compare this to art appreciation and art criticism. A good art critic could show you a lot of interesting things about a particular work of art. But anyone can also appreciate a work of art without the help of the art critic. And already say if they like it or not.
  • People criticize his choices, and, as long as the information is there for people to analyze, people are qualified to disagree with what he has done.
  • Any voter is qualified to criticize any politician who puts themselves up for election. That is the meaning of democracy. To imply that voters are in some way not qualified to criticize the Leader (Fuhrer) is the Fascist mode of thought: don't worry your little heads, the great leader will deal with it. By your logic, Washington & co were not qualified to criticize King George. You deny liberty by sacrificing your free will to any leader. It is your *duty* as a citizen of a democracy to criticize your leaders, to share that criticism with your fellow voters using your right of free speech, and to use your vote in a critical manner at the next election. To fail to do so is to betray those Americans who fought for the Constitution.
  • Among the rights of every American citizen is the right to speak up and out and say what he/she believes to be true. I'm not sure what criteria you believe is necessary in order to "qualify" one to criticize..the only criterion I see is that one doesn't like what is going on and says so. If you support the president, that is o.k. with me. If you think everything he's done, every decision he has made has been good for this country, that is also o.k. with. Why is my criticism not o.k. with you? Happy Friday to you.
  • Any American citizen is 'qualified' to criticize him. Get off your high horse.
  • You don't need any kind of qualification to criticise a man who's responsible for more than a million deaths. He's barely qualified for office himself.
  • dissent is as American as apple pie and baseball. the US needs to have people thinking critically and questioning those in positions of power otherwise a fascist state might take over. i have read your other comments and your basically saying only those who have stepped in his shoes can criticize him. that argument is complete hogwash and unfounded. in that case only the super elite upper 4% of the nations people can truly understand where he is coming from and understand his choices and in that you are correct since those are the ones who benefit from them but its still important for us, who have zero opportunity to ever make it to president based on the fact that we don't come from millionaire families and have such great "inside" connections, we should still have a say, even though our voices are muffled and in many cases censored.
  • I am a person therefore I am qualified. I am Australian, and his crap has affected the entire world.
  • What makes someone qualified or unqualified to criticize the President? He is a public servant, voted into office (supposedly) by the citizenry. Therefore, he is my EMPLOYEE. I have every right to criticize his decisions and actions, the same way my boss at work has a right to criticize mine.

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