• Yes, but read your employment contract to see if you have any recourse. Sadly, they really don't have to give any kind of explanation even though its a crappy ass thing to do.
  • Yes, they can do it for no reason, but they do need to tell you.
  • Unless you have a written or verbal contract setting your wage, then your employer can reduce your wage. The employer cannot lower it below the minimum wage. You should check your state's labor laws. If the employer is lowering the wage in retaliation for a protected act such as whistleblowing or filing a claim (sexual harassment, race discrimination, sex discrimination, worker's compensation, etc.) you may have recourse.
  • Yes unless you have a contract or a written statement that says they cant. Sadly there isnt very many labor laws like I feel they should have.
  • Absolutely not! If you have been receiving a consistant and specific rate of pay that, in itself, is an implied contract. He can change that contract by telling you your rate of pay is being reduced and you can decide if you want to remain working there or leave. For the hours you worked with the understanding that you were receiving a higher rate of pay you can demand to receive the difference. You can sue for it if he refuses to pay that difference, however, that amount of money is probably insignificant and not worth the effort. That was blatantly cheating you and I suggest, if possible. quit and find work elsewhere.
  • not if he expects you to show up tomorrow. Call in sick find a new job.

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