• almost everyone
  • Backstabbers intrigue me, why do they do what they do? What do they get out of stirring drama all the while losing friends in the process just to get attention? But somehow they end up back on their feet, with new friends, deeper lies, and a better act. Very fascinating how they work. :/
  • Does Kim Kardashian's ass count?
  • Cheryl Cole.... Ashley Coles wife! she has to have some strength to show her face in public with all that about her husband cheating on her I say fair play to her ! :)
  • A person who is genuine and true to themselves, who lives life how they want to live it and doesn't get caught up in trying to impress everyone else or fit other's expectations. Life can be tough and those who can avoid all the "political" expectations and live on thier own terms is intriguing. They are out there and when I come across one it's as plain as day and it really catches my attention and my admiration. Such a simple concept. Unfortunately there are many people who don't see it. There are things as bad as alcohol and drug addiction but I think they are really unseen.
  • Their all Abers, and there they are.... 1) _________ 2) _________ 3) _________ 4) _________ Sorry, but it's not cool to list their names.
  • People who are compassionate and completely irreverent.
  • Leonardo DeVinci has always been one of those people that I would love to have a chance to talk to. The guy could do ANYTHING!
  • Men who are sexy, and horney all the time, every ten minutes at least.
  • Sweet T.
  • One of my good friends who refuses to ever take offense about anything. I've seen him punched in the face, and he just walked away without saying anything.
  • Geoge Orwell is one of the most fascinating persons, he intrigues me.
  • Roselynn, for I can never get enough of her spunk and her love, baby.
  • Milla Johovavich there is something about her...
  • you do your the only person i know who has been through the same as me and feels the same way i do about life and children.
  • an Angel with Horns, especially her butt:-)
  • Consultant Psychiatrists - totally intrigue me, they deal with all sorts of mental illnesses and ppl every day, how do they stay sane - or are they? id love to be a fly on the wall where they live, and see what theyre really like
  • there's a homeless lady who lives on the guardrail of the main Boulevard and has been there for as long as I have lived in this apartment. And I always wonder... why is she there? What is going on in her mind? How could she do this? It intrigues me, but mostly makes me a little sad as I go to work every morning.
  • That customer that I find I keep flirting with every time that he comes into my place of business. Actually though I like to work in public settings because you can meet all kinds of people and learn so much about them. Sometimes just by observation. I'm not a nosey person. I just like people. Sure sometimes I like my solitude and privacy. But it is also nice to be among people. :-)
  • My Parents raising eight kids Spaced thirty years apart;) My mom started out modeling and was in some movies;) My Dad took care of his aling mother and brother from fourteen years old until they both pasted away;)When he was nineteen and he went into the service and was stationed in St Louis and met my MOM;) I don't know alot of things cause I am second youngest;) But my older brothers and sisters and sure tell some stories about how they survived the tough Times;) Really Intriging to me;)
  • Just about everyone. If you really get to know a person the usually is something intriguing about them. Some famous person do also. Dave Letterman acts like a real goof ball. Yet, he owns his show and makes $40,000,000 per year. Just an example. Lots of ABers intrigue me including the person who asked this question. We get to know people from what they write and the questions they ask, but is this really them? Intriguing.
  • a female thats, my banking manager that has been throw the D____ thing to keep me from loosing it all. (thanks&sorry)

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