• Ideal would be about 75 kg (sorry I can only give metric dims, I am European).
  • I'm 6-3 six foot three inches and you at 6-1 should weigh close to what I weigh and I don't have a gut and I'm a lean 215-218lb so you should be at minimum if you are 25 or better 215-220 at any given time. Three sqaures 2500calories a day. I don't know that much but I do know that you should be at least close.
  • 8-21-2017 Enter your details and see what you get:,9yr,4%276%27%27,105+lbs&lk=6&ab=c
  • "Ideal weight" is also dependent on body type, gender, and BMI. Guessing also other variables. Lots of information with a Google search, including measurement conversions. 75 kg = 165.347 pounds.

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