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  • Some men do and some women do too. It just happens.
  • Sometimes, discussions seeking rationale for the end of a relationship just go in circles and men think that it's pointless. Sometimes,there is so much pain that a man doesn't want to go through it. And, finally, sometimes a man may just feel plain guilty.
  • Generalizations never work. Not all men (or women) do... SOME will. It's just the way they are. Aren't you better off without them if they will do this?
  • You answered this question a few days ago when you asked this one: ... "My boyfriend said to me: "Why can't you just be simple, and happy? I don't want any problems in life. I just want a nice relaxing life. You bring too many problems to my life and you are too complicated." He has given up talking about it, which has led him nowhere, and just moved on.
  • Their beer at the bar is starting to get warm.
  • Honestly? Because it's easier to feel like there's a clean break and completely severed ties than to drag out a breakup and go through the emotional rollercoaster ride. Can we still be friends or not? If so should we tell each other if we start seeing other people? Et cetera. I've done breakups that were abrupt, ones where we made every effort to stay friends, and everything in between. Normally there's SOME contact afterward, but in a couple of cases it was a case of BOOM this is over and I never want to see or talk to you again. The reason I felt that way is because I decided it wasn't worth it to even pretend to be civil with someone so horrible.
  • Don't feel bad, I had a BF who left me without a hint and joined the Navy without saying a word, and I haven't heard of him since.
  • I was with a guy for 7 years and engaged, his mom never liked me, she disowned us for a year or so, but crept back in with emotonal blackmail towards him, one day we had a dis agreement and woke up to him packed up his things and left without even saying good bye. next day he txt saying we need to talk! I didnt contact him for 6 months and when i did, we met up and he was attacking me with how I always had a n opion and I never change?!?! I was hoping we were gonna get back! I walked away, only to find out he had called a friend and hold him I was an AMZING WOMEN! why are men so confussing? Does he want me or dont he?
  • It's hard to lead up to a break up. Sometimes it's dishonest. Then, if there is still contact the emotional ties get in the way of a break up. Sometimes it's better to just walk--no talk. no explanations. no recriminations.
  • They don't want to deal with the hurt, tears, anger, talk, and recriminations we most often use to process a break-up. Because they have become a part of us so their leaving takes away a part of us. I don't know but the way I look at it is if they don't want to be with me or would more rather be with somebody else I don't want them to prolong it - because I want to start the healing and grieving process immediately rather than putting off what I know I will have to go through.
  • 3-22-2017 Because they are men. If a man is wise, he will provoke a fight so he can leave in a dramatic fashion, specifically so the relationship can never be restarted.
  • This does not apply to all men or women. What is "Buffer time"?

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