• Break an egg into a can of tuna, stir it up and let it eat that, if it hasnt eaten in a while, it will give it a shot of protien and energy. Plus it tastes pretty darn good.....if you are a cat. Mine likes it anyway.
    • Mircat
      Just because they eat it doesnt mean its good for them. You are feeding your cat 2 of the worst things for them! Read #2 and #10!
  • If you don't have any cat food on hand, try giving it a little tuna (the type packed in water is better). Drain it well. And a small bowl of fresh water. Avoid milk, that's an old cliche. Water is better for their hydration and health.
  • As answered by the other answerbag users, you can feed them tuna to get their attention. After they are used to being fed you should switch to a food that is for cats. Keep in mind that in many towns there is an ordinance for feeding feral cats. Generally, if you are feeding by law it belongs to you. In our town you cannot feed them at all, if they are eating out of your trashcan it is considered feeding them, I cannot help myself I feed them, but I also catch them, and then of course spay and or neutered the feral cats, so at least I am controlling the pet population. I just wish I could teach people to not drop them on the side of the road, and to spay and neuter
    • Mircat
      You use smelly foods like tuna or sardines for humanely trapping to get their attention. You NEVER feed tuna. You dont have to catch a hungry strays attention. Ive worked in rescue for years. They smell kibble and they will investigate when they see you leave food.
  • If you feed the cat, it will no longer be a stray. Go buy some cat food, the cat is now yours.
  • probably the same thing you would feed any other cat
  • A cheezburger.
  • Legally if you feed it it's yours!
  • Ive been in animal rescue and adoption for years. Almost all the volunteers carry a bag of kitten kibble in the trunk of their car. Kitten kibble has more vitamins, minerals, and calories than plain cat kibble. And there isnt a stray cat anywhere that doesnt need those things. Never feed canned food because it can turn bad and draws flies which means maggots. Someone suggested tuna and raw egg. Those are 2 of the worst foods to feed any cat EVER! You can kill a cat feeding the wrong foods.

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