• I THINK you are asking, "If I moved to another city, would I enjoy visiting the one I used to live in for holidays?" Yes... I've also enjoyed visiting the towns my parents grew up in when my grandmother was alive. I love seeing how "the old place" has changed while I was gone.
  • Thats something to think about!! IDK!!! I dont think i would
  • I would. Living in New York we take so much for granted. People come from around the world to visit and I think we'd have more of an appreciation of what the city has to offer if we were to move away.
  • I don't really know because this is all I have ever known. I have traveled some, but my home has always been in one place. I will never leave here so I guess that would mean that if I had to leave I would be dieing to come back any chance I could get.
  • I live in a beach town where lots of people come for vacation in the summer. Wish I could say it's La Jolla.

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