• American Idol
  • prison guards do it to prisoners a lot.
  • Since everyone else is giving examples ill say Two minutes trapped in a room with Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton.
  • Punishment that is unnecessary or exceeds the crime. Like: killing someone who stole some candy, or: torturing someone for the rest of their lives because they once raped someone.
  • Whatever the prisoners and ACLU THINK they should mean. I mean, come on... Now prisoners live the life of Riley inside... TVs, radios, Books, Phones, Free clothes, three squares a day, exercise equipment that some public schools would die for, etc. And lawsuits about this are probably a daily thing! I will agree that there are situations that need fixed in some prisons, but...
  • Torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. e.g. 1 being kicked repeatedly in the knackers until the swell up like balloons. e.g. 2 being hung upside down, dipped in honey, righted and tied up in a room full of bees and rotting corpses (as well as assulting most of your senses, the corpses will generate more nasties to come and crawl on you) e.g. 3 stuck in a 5x5x5 ft cube with a television at on side blasting out the hits of the Spice Girls 24/7. No food, you can't lie down, and being left there to die. source:
  • It's open to interpretation.

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