• No, it takes time to heat up again, although I save hot water by taking cool showers
  • Nope. Where I live water is unlimited, and can get heated up soon enough for the next.
  • no I live alone and have well water
  • Nope, I just turbo shower with a cold rinse instead. Now baths? I'm taking all the hot water.
  • Nope. My showers, I think, aren't that long. And I'm the only one who uses it.
  • Nope. I leave the water running. We have a 75 gal water heater and 6 of us with 3 showers, laundry and dishwasher can't use the hot water fast enough to run out.
  • I take a very guick shower and use as little hot that is possible.
  • Rickster, long time no see. Great question. I might turn off the water for a few seconds to lather and not rinse it off but never to save water. I can get cold standing the shower if I am wet for too long.
  • Nope. (hangs head in shame) I let my siblings use cold water. LOL. Oh well.
  • I have when we were going through a severe drought as we have always been on a well.
  • Nope. Never. I leave it to run and run...... *Flosh & brush teeth *Use face cleanser *Soap up *Shampoo & condition .......Until all of this is done.
  • I just take cold showers. No matter what temperature it may be outside.
  • I used to turn off the water when I was growing up and my whole family had to shower...we all did. Now that I am on my own, I try to take quick showers.
  • Yep..I'm not a fan of long showers..I get in, get wet, soap up, rinse off, get out. Same with everything I do in the bathroom.. I don't languidly sit on the toilet reading, for example! :)
  • no, you'd be better off having one less car wash in the year as what you're suggesting would probably not even save ten percent of that!! hmm...!
  • Nope. If they want water saved, they'll just have to join me in the shower.
    • Linda Joy
  • We have limited hot water. So I turn it off while I soap up so I can take a longer shower. It is where I like to relax and think after I get the cleaning overwith.
  • No. I never do that. My shower is completed within 5 minutes.
  • I never do that at home but I do when Im camping. My little camping van has only a 30 gallon water tank & when i use that up I have to break camp ,load everything up & go looking for a refill. which always ruins the illusion of self sufficiency we campers like to pretend we have. after years of practice I can now wash my hair & get reasonably clean with 3 gallons of water.
  • When I was in the Navy.
  • I used to do that. When we first developed the spring at our place, we only had a 300-gallon tank for storage. So we all turned off the flow while soaping up or washing hair etc to save water. Now we have a 3000-gallon tank, in unison with the original 300-gallon tank, so there is much more water available. 7/14/22
  • 15th july 2022........when we had a drought here in Queensland back in 2009 ,our premier of the state sent each household an egg timer to stick on the shower wall, and that was how long the shower should only have taken,,it was difficult when i shampooed my hair
  • I have little hot water pressure and it takes forever to get the water to the right temperature. That's mainly because I must have the cheapest, most stupidest landlord in the history of renting. I asked him to install a new shower fixture because mine had just a 4" pot-metal protrusion for a handle, making adjusting the water temperature and pressure very difficult. He couldn't get the old shower fixture off because it was corroded with calcium deposits. His "fix" was to remove the shower handle from the new fixture that he ended up not using and (wait for it...) jamming it on the old one that was difficult to use. Now, I still have a shower handle that's difficult to use, but now it has another shower handle jammed over it, protruding even farther from the shower wall. This guy makes Joe Biden look like a Rhodes Scholar.

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