• People feel that congratulators are only doing so to gain points for themselves and that the congratulator should be close friends with the person who deserves congratulating if they must do so.
  • They are called Trolls and they just like to make others feel miserable, apparently they didn't get the memo though, because no one cares about them anymore. We just all help each other out and give points back. ;)welcome
  • Hi Sierra Welcome to AB! :):):) They attract the red marks because some people here think that they aren't legitimate questions. I always say that if they don't like those, they can always ask the staff to have the category removed. Or better yet, they should just ask questions which they think are legitimate. Unfortunately, they can't do that too. Basically they are just negative people who see the negative instead of the positive.
  • It's all them haters out there that think these aren't legitimate questions and feel that it is simply point begging. I agree that frivolous congratulations do not need to be asked but real heartfelt congratulations are indeed warranted. --Regards--
  • That is the work of sanctimonious assholes. We breed them here.
  • Congratulatory questions are like target practice for trolls. I once answered 2 of them back to back. It was the quickest -30 point downrate that I ever got on AB.:(
  • Instead of just moving on to another question they think they are ruining our good wishes by their down rating. That won't happen and we will continue to be happy for those who earn their new levels ,weddings, birthdays etc.
  • I'll do my part (all I can give is a llittle +1) to help anyone who they DR. Starting with your question here, Sierra.
  • I agree that some people might think that these are illegitimate in respect to the site's intent, but with the amount of questions here which may reflect their feelings and don't get derepped, I think in the end it's just what it always seems to come down to; pricks who don't like so and so or whatever. For the rest of us, some people are merely stepping stones on our path to enlightenment.

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