• Probably. Porn isn't important anyway. It can be arousing but your lover can be too.
  • it shouldnt even be an issue . Give up the porn .
  • I'd try, but women have to understand men do this.
  • I would.
  • I'd try to convince her that it's not offensive first, honestly.
  • Yes, which is more important, your significant other or getting a few jollies?
  • No,I would get a more secure wife or girlfriend.
  • Of course... but that is me. I have a hard time believing most guys would do anything contrary to their wants and desires for anyone. TM
  • Definately!
  • Honestly i dont think i could, my sexual desires arent something i can switch off just like that reguardless of how hot or how much sex we have
  • no.........I'd just wait until she falls asleep and make sure she's in a deep coma like sleep before the pornfest begins.
  • Yes I would. But none of my GF's or my wife have ever shown a dislike for me watching it. They would often suggest we watch it together.
  • Well, she should have said something. I never watch it without her. In fact, it's usually her idea. Who knew?
  • ABsolutely.
  • Yes, I'm not really a big fan of porn anyway. Don't get me wrong, I do watch porn from time to time. But I can live without it.
  • Sure, I don't get enough one way or the big deal:)
  • i just want to say to all the men who care enough about their woman to give it hat is off to you! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Only if she wants to step up and be a live replacement to do the real thing. Is she going to feel bad 'cause she is missing something (Like my time and attention) or that she will be asked to try something new? Which kind of porn? one on one ? orgies? beasts from Brazil? (I'm more into the Why she asked than the how is she going to replace the entertainment value that you are currently getting. But that is a trade she SHOULD have to make) would it make a difference to her if the type of porn didn't make her feel like she was going to have to "keep up" ?
  • Duhhh. I shouldn't say that, I guess. Even if a woman doesn't express any hurt over it, you KNOW they would rather you didn't look at porn. So I don't.
  • Hey guys if your girl can handle you watching pron it most likely cause your not nailing her enough after watch or looking at pron make your own prono with your lover.
  • you should stiop and go get da cat(p***y) from her
  • That's a big if. My wife likes it far more than I. Should I be hurt and offended because she likes watching hardcore and fetish porn? Should I feel insecure seeing as many of the male performers "outweigh" me? Should I feel performance anxiety, thinking I could never make sex as good and exciting for her as it is in the videos? Should I be jealous? Should I equate her habit with infidelity? Should I doubt her integrity and question her character? Should I seek couples counseling? Should I begin to wonder if there's any hope for our relationship? Should I expect her to change for me, or can I still love her despite her taste for it? I married her because I loved her for exactly who she is, to the core, and I made sure I knew who she was before I went through with it too. Do what we did. Bring the topic up LONG before you get married. Get it in the open and out of the way. If you have a problem with porn, you need to say it, early and clearly. You can't just expect to change someone after you have your hooks in them.
  • 1) If you were a good boyfriend/husband, you wouldn't be looking at porn in the first place. It's called lust. 2) If I were looking at porn, I'd work to quit it. It is disrespectfull, lust, and does nothing to improve your relationship.
  • Why do woman want that? Seriously, I'm female and I want to know.
  • Sure I would, but that's not the case for me. My wife watches it with me!!

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