• She's taken positive thinking too far. She's now delusional.
  • I think she looks amazing for her age. Good on her. But I think she also looks manly. And I don't find that attractive.
  • G'day D.A. Thanks for your question. I think that she looks good for her age. She looks a lot better than I do and I'm 4 years younger. Regards
  • she looks beautifull. She used to look beautifull in older albums but she looks beautifull now too. Maybe not that much. She just looks a little different at times to me. I don't like the muscles on her arms either
  • I think she looks great for her age but not forgetting she has the money to have facials and buy the very best products and personal trainers,i think anyone who has the money look good because they can afford too....and yes i am bloody jealous:-)
  • Mmm however she looks, I think it's good she still has loads of confidence. At that age, a lot of women don't feel like they can still be attractive, and if her confidence inspires someone, then great.
  • I think she is in great shape and looks fantastic for her age. I would prefer however to see her wear more flattering clothes. I don't think she should be struting around in leotards anymore. Just my thoughts.
  • I'm 45 and I wish I looked that good! I've lost a lot of weight, but she's in much better shape!
  • I think we should stop judging people based on their looks. How would you feel if people constantly bugged you about your looks? I know she's a celebrity, but at the end of the day she's just like the rest of us.

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