• You are very likely allergic to alcohol. Do not drink it when you are with anyone you might be embarrassed to let see you. There are many alcohol-free drinks you can have that are just a sociable as the "hard" stuff.
  • This happened to me this weekend. But it triggered my asthma. All I had was an apple sour, with Vodka and 7up. Then the next day I had a small reaction to a glass of wine that I drink close to every week. I’m trying to figure out what it was, if you find something let me know. I’m only 23 so I know my "hot Flash" was not from menopause. But it was extremely embarrassing, as well has unbearable. I can say that I took just 1 of the Benadryl children’s quick dissolve allergy strips… and I was fine the rest of the night, and was able to keep drinking. So you may want to keep that in your pocket when you go out just incase.
  • 7-6-2017 Some people, most notably Irish and American tribesmen, have genetic predisposition to B vitamin deficiencies, especially caused by alcohol intake. Vitamin B2 carries oxygen to the pupils and to the surface of the skin, so when it is deficient then blood vessels invade those tissues causing bloodshot eyes and red cheeks and noses. In my case I had to cut B vitamin pills into quarters and take a piece every hour to get results. Other people have mixed different brands of pills in a bowl to take one every time they passed by. B vitamins are cheap and safe, so try it and see what happens.

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