• They are probably hired by the bank to prepare for the foreclosure. Contact your bank immediately if you haven't already to work out a payment plan. Good luck!
  • I guess count yourself lucky that a day after your first late payment that they didn't come and board up your windows and doors while you were away, I guess XD As others have said, you NEED to contact your lender about this asap. You should have done it when you initially knew you'd be late with the first payment, because sometimes they can be quite forgiving about it. This isn't something you can ignore and hope it goes away! I hope everything works out for you.
  • But why do they send someone out every day ?
  • You said you're 2 months behind on payments. This is the pre-foreclosure stage. This is public knowledge, in your county courthouse. Those people you see passing by your home are real estate investors or real estate agents who specializes in buying Pre-Foreclosed or Forclosed houses. I'm surprise you haven't been contacted via phone or via snail mail by investors or real estate agents asking if you'd be interested in selling your home to prevent a foreclosure on your record. I hope this information was helpful to you.
  • could just be tourists taking pictures of your house, next time someone takes a picture of your house make a monkey face at them.
  • I agree with the rest of the answers on who these people might be, but one of the surest ways to make them stop is to place an enormous cardboard cutout of a hand flipping them off either on your front lawn or in a front window. :D
  • Well thats harassment if it turns out to be your mortgage company but what you need to do is take a picture of them and document everytime they drive by and get your neighbors involved? I Would though do what Abstract said place a cut out on the windows or just build a privacy fence in the front but do know you are in the pre forclosure stage so just set up a payment plan they are more willing to work with you if you talk to them!!! Good Luck and i hope that everything turns out ok
  • I purchaced a property and after we bought it the same thing was happening but we weren't in a bad situation. Things were excellent at that time. It was just a month or two afterward. My brother in law followed the down the highway for a while before returning but there was never an indication as to why it was happening. Very weird.

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