• i actually have two. 1)i cheat on my boyfriend it seems by accident(which i would NEVER do) with guys that i would never mess with. I always freak out and cry in my dream because i know that he will break up with me and i couldnt bear that. 2)someone abducts me and im trying to get away from him. He usually gets me and sometimes i get away. Simply put, my dreams suck. I have a dream catcher, and its never worked. haha.
  • I often dream about being late to an important appointment or work. I also dream about going to a family event (wedding, funeral, holiday), getting there and not recognizing anyone. I am at the right place, but I know no one and no one knows me.
  • I actually just had mine last night... I am at a family friend's house, and there are like 20 rooms (It is a bed and breakfast/Inn type place for some reason). The largest room, and the only one with direct access to the outside, is inhabited by hundreds of undead devil worshipers in a creepy cult. They come after me, but a few people from the town save me because they have superpowers, like flying. I've had it like 15 times...Don't know why!
  • i always dream that i'am running away from a black looks at me like it's after me and i get scare. any other time when the dog is brown,white or any other color im not running or scare, only when the dog is black. weird is'nt it? i wish i knew what this meant.
  • Alot of times, when you have the same dream over and over it is trying to telly ou something. A dream is like (warning: this is going to sound stupid) a gateway into your subconscious. VCertain colors and objects in your dreams can be warning you of osmething or telling you of a situation you are already in, and sometimes cansolve the situation for you if you do a bit digging into the meaning of things. Once youve figure out what the dreams mean (or could mean) and face the situation, I find that these dreams stop. But then again, sometimes dreams dont mean a thing and its just there to be keep your mind occupied.
  • The first night I had the dream this is how it went Im walking on a thick white line. Angels flying on the left, demons flying on the right. They can't touch me. Im invinsible. Im walking along and come to a vault door. Inside is me in the woods being raped. I watch it all over again like its real and can also feel it while im watching. I try to look away but this one demon shoves the picture back where im looking at. I shut my eyes, but he also puts in my brain. And he tells me he has alot of things to show me. And then all of a sudden Im back on the white line again. Then I wake up at 500 in the morning. Sweating, and shaking. Second night: I dream everything above again and then while im walking on the white line, I come to another vault door. I open it, and its one of friends being sexually molested by her moms boyfriend. And shes looking right at me while this is happening. I hear the demon laughing. And then im back on the white line again. I wake up at 500 in the morning again and sweating more and shaking more. Third night: I dream about EVERYTHING above me again, and I come to another vault door. I open it and walk in and I fall. I fall into dark water. (my biggest fear is dark water). Im screaming help me. And I hear the demon laugh again. I notice theres a shore..but everytime I swim it seems to get farther away from me. I panick and start to go under and at the last minute Im on the white line again. I wake up at 500 and I have soaked my sheets with sweat. I honestly thought I went swimming somewhere and just layed in my bed. Fourth night: Again with everything above and again with me opening the vault, but this time very very cautiously. I step in slowly and my papa is on a chair. Im in another room looking at him. He can't see me. I can see him. All of a sudden, his eyes, ears, mouth is bloody. And hes looking right up at me. I punch the window and nothing. I throw the chair and break only the chair. Pieces of it go flying and one hits my arm and I start to bleed. I throw a side table at it, and nothing. Then from behind me, the demon is holding my head to watch it and im trying to look away but hes too powerful. Im stuck watching Papa dying. God appears and tells him I have had enough of his torture and im ready now. But the demon doesn't give me up yet, he says theres more to see I wake up at 500, and I have a headache, and my arm is bleeding from where the chair hit me. And im sweating again and shaking And as you can see, its now 438, which means, im skipping the sleeping tonight!
  • Yeah, some sort of zombie apocalypse. I would guess it has something to do with all the dooms day horror movies I love watching.
  • Im in school trapped and everybody tries to kill me. uncapable of finishing dream, always wake up when escaping from the office.
  • The symbolic figure of death comes and kills everyone i know and love, after i watch my freinds, loves, and family die, he goes and kills everyone else leaving me alone as the last and only thing left alive on the planet. Before he goes, he tells me that he will not take me yet. I am left to starve, and long after i should have died from starvation he comes and says htat its still not my time, im still alive when i wake up. In my dream, i never once cared that my family, friends, loves, or anyone had died. When death killed them, i really didnt care. By the time i wake up, years and years have passed in the dream. I should have been dead, but death wouldnt take me. he wouldnt let me die. (if neone has any clue if it means nething i would appriciate some feedback) ^_^
  • i'm in a white room, i feel like i've lost something, i feel very very upset, i back up against a wall and slit my writs with a razor, then i sit down, then i wake up. thats how it happens every time.
  • All of my dreams play out logically like movies, and about 70% of the recurring ones are about zombies. Normally, I fight the zombies with a ragtag group of people I've never seen in real life. Another 20% of the dreams are a about aliens either invading for world domination, sharing information, or fighting out their civil war on our turf for some reason -- and I'm always fighting for our people. The rest are about me going back to high school in an attempt to finish, but not knowing my class schedule, not having the materials, or getting lost, so I end up giving up again.
  • I have a dream about a house. It is always the same house but never identical. Sometimes I own the house, sometimes I am renting it. The house has lots and lots of rooms, with several kitchens and lots of bathrooms. In the bathrooms the water is always running. Also all the rooms are overstuffed with every kind of ornate furniture you can imagine. This furniture is left over from the previous owners. In the dream there is always one part of the house that is haunted. I don't like going in to the haunted areas but I have to because the "ghost", although scary, is someone who needs help. The really wierd part is that my mother, my aunt and my grandmother have all described to me the same dream!
  • Yes, mine is about a rotary/plaza with a statue in the middle, sometimes I'm just shopping, other times driving or walking by, waiting for someone, etc., but I always end up there and it's always at night. I had the dream for years and one day, I actually found myself there! I nearly fell out of the car when I realized that I had been there many times before in my dreams. That place is so inbeded in my subconscious that, in one way or another, I have been dreaming about it every single night for about 20 years. The place is the historic site of a battle during the Revolutionary War
  • My dreams are usually about highways and city streets in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, where I have lived for most of my life. I imagine it was caused by my childhood road curiosities. Sometimes the dreams are very detailed, other times their descriptions are quite brief. In one detailed example, I was spun around on a roof so someone could get a phone number written in black ink on the roof, but not easily seen, due to color contrast. Then, I was on a black staircase, where I said to a faceless person that I was lost without a street name. Outside the doors to the staircase were blank Minnesota Trunk Highway shields, with city names below them. After that, I was restricted to the master bedroom in the house in grew up in, with its door open, and was told not to come out. This also had a blank Minnesota Trunk Highway shield, without a city name below it. The end.
  • I used to have big-time 'responsibility' dreams when I'd wake up exhausted after being held accountable for some sorta job I'd been hired to do, 'working' all night! [bummer!] ;-)
  • Most of my dreams are lucid, recurring, and take place in a very elaborate and dynamic world. From my observations, I have noted that many of the people, places, and events reflect in odd ways my own waking experiences.
  • i am only 15. i get along with everyone and i'm usually the life of the 'party'. i'm always happy and everyone tells me they get happier when they're with me (: i have alot of guy friends and alot of guys that like me but i don't date, i'm to self reliant. but i keep having the same dream every night and in it i am pregnant and i am walking around smiling and happy. i'm somewhere bright and it's a good dream but whenever i think 'whose baby is this?' i wake up. and the other thing is my best friend christina is in the dream too, pregnant, and she's happy too while we're together. we laugh alot and stuff but i always wake up when i ask whose baby it is. in the dream i am still young && so is she. people judge us for being pregnant young but we don't care. ALSO out babies are both do on that day that only comes once a year on leap year or whatever. i don't want kids untill i'm alot older so i don't understand this re occuring dream. it's happened the last 3 nights.

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