• 'bout time, enough with the big hubbub.
  • grateful!
  • I think it's high time states gave equal rights to all their citizens, including marriage rights. Anything else would be bigoted and discriminatory.
  • I would not recommend celebrating yet. What we have here is a small group of people who have over ruled the will of the people of California. The state supreme court overturned a ballot initiative that was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of the people of California. This fall these same people will have the option of voting for a constitutional amendment that will overrule the supreme court's decision. So, don't count on this ruling standing. ------------------- Addendum: I just can't help myself here. I just have to point out something for the benefit of those that have down rated this answer. You should note that I was very careful to not express an opinion one way or another here and I am not going to. All I have done is pointed out that celebrating this ruling is a bit premature. There is still a possibility that the people of California will render their Supreme Court's ruling moot. The fact that people have down rated this answer leads me to conclude that those people just don't like to face reality. -------------------- Addendum 2: I just have to point out that I was right. The celebration of the California Supreme Court's ruling WAS premature. The people of California did take the matter out of the hands of their Supreme Court by passing an amendment to their state constitution. I would also point out that every time this has come up for a vote by the people of a state, the vote has ALWAYS gone against the advocates of gay marriage.
  • super duper mega! :)
  • good for them they are catching up with the times..
  • I think it is awesome, and I am doubly glad that the Governator said he would not support any amendments to the state's constitution banning it, even though he doesn't agree with gay marriages.
  • Unless I missed something in the news today, the ruling STRUCK DOWN a BAN on gay marriage, but it did not actually "legalize" it. That would be an affirmative ruling which has yet to take place.
  • I am not a Californian, so have no comment on the state laws of that state, or even of the whole USA (not being American), but I do find it ironic that while "basic" rights are being granted to gays and lesbians, millions of people in the USA (both straight and gay) have no access to housing or medical services. I would think that these need to be addressed, yet much less time, effort and money is put into solving them.
  • A big *CLAP* for California
  • It is true that the people of CA may vote to approve a Constitutional amendment banning Gay marriage, thus rendering the State Court decision void; that would undoubtedly move the case to the US Supreme Court. So, yeah, there might be a long way to go: which is really not only too bad, but inexcusable.

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