• We went to Waffle House and i drank the chocolate milk. on the way home, i threw it all up on the side of the road...actually that excuse was true...i got home around 2 on Prom night last year. and i still drink WH's chocolate milk!!! it's like drinking the water in Mexico!!!
  • This actually happened to me: "Dad, I'm sorry but I totaled the car" Since he received a telephone call not from me, he was in a panic until he got there and seen that I was OK. If I wasn't in a hurry to get home because I left later than I should have, it probably wouldn't have happened.
  • I never made excuses. My mom was pretty lenient about stuff like that. She could see through any excuse I gave her anyway as she had that 6th mom sense :)
  • The truth shall set you free.
  • I either came home on time, or had some kind of prearranged permission to be out past my curfew on a particular night, so it was never really an issue for me in High School. Once I was out of HS, my parents never really questioned anything I did. I remember coming home one morning around 5am, and my mom had just woken up and was having her tea. She didn't ask where I was, who I had been with, or anything. We just said "Hi" and "Good morning", and I went to bed. Kind of freaked me out, actually. :)
  • I was with Levon, Who am I late for?
  • well, we live with his parents, and we dont have a curfew we can't be late.
  • Car was stolen, honestly happened and we had to walk back.
  • I usually just say that there was traffic, my mother never believes any excuse, even if it's true so I always stop by McDonalds to get her an ice cream if I'm a little late then she doesn't bother cuz she has ice cream! =]
  • Two part answer ... If you are coming home and your parents live at home then tell the truth even if you think they don't want to hear it. It's better to be honest with them than to lie to them because it will be harder to trust you later. I would rather hear the truth and rationalize than to not be able to trust you again and always wondering. Part two ... If you are coming home to your wife ... you are just plain screwed and you should be ashamed of yourself because you shouldn't be on a date without your wife.
  • car broke down

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