• As a true American I haven't a clue to what you are asking unless you give me the question in REAL measurements like feet, yards, or miles. The metric system is too out of touch with normal society.
  • I don't brake sharply for an animal, the persons in my car are much more important.
  • 31.25 m
  • If the car decelerates at 10m/s per second as you said, the speed after two seconds will be 5m/s: at start: 25m/s one second later 15m/s two seonds later 5m/s The average speed will be (start_speed + end_speed)/2 = (25+5)/2 = 15m/s And two seconds at an average speed of 15m/s is 30m. The driver hits the animal at 5m/s - about 11mph. If only he had been alert and braked half a second earlier. He would have braked for 2.5 seconds which would have brought him to a stop. He would have stopped just in time having travelled 31.25m If you are involved in this situation, the chances are you don't have room to stop. Don't brake! Steer as gently and as little as possible away from the animal. Chances are that despite appearances and lane markings, there is space for three, four, or even more vehicles to fit side by side across the highway, so there should be plenty of room to avoid the animal and any oncoming traffic. If you brake, you hamper your ability to steer and to avoid the accident.
  • What size is the animal crossing the road? Because if it isn't gonna harm my passangers or my car, I'm not taking the chance at getting into an accident, and hurting anyone of us.

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