• No there's not.
  • How 'bout I just bombard you with +6's?
  • It is nothing you can really do, but continue to answer and ask questions.the person may have a crush on you.
  • +2 :-D
  • Yea, I think its funny how they love to DR people so many times, but they aint got the balls to put it out there that they are the ones who dont like you or your questions or answers! Thay hardly ever comment, just DR! I dont get it?!?
  • I can positroll. +5 on your question. I also went and +6 your answers and +5 your questions until I hit the Answer Bag limit. I lost count but about 90 to 100 pts. Hope this helps. Have a good day.
  • We can't do anything other than hope that they get a life soon.
  • I just +3'd you all over the place.
  • I'm sorry but I only see 1 minus 3 before this question in 5 pages of ratings. That doesn't look very troll-like to me. Everybody gets DRed but not all of those are trolls. Sometimes it's just a difference of opinion.
  • In 5 pages of history you only have 2 DRs. That isn't much of a troll, I would say it's just someone who didn't find your answer helpful. When you have more than 10 successively, that's when it becomes a 'monster'.
  • Ignore him/ can't control/stop/change the nature of the react, you give him/her satisfaction of having "gotten" to you! My's what I do! If you become indifferent to them you stop even noticing 'em so, for you, they disappear! :)
  • Adding to your friends' list is one of the best ways of getting rid of those -3 D/Rs. I'll look at your profile and see what I can do for you, my new friend.:)
  • Power of my pointer up ya go weeeeeeeeeee,lol.
  • Gosh, wish I'd put this question up with all the positive ratings you're getting... damn. I've had folks follow me around and DR me as well... the only thing I've known to do is to use the feedback link at the bottom of the page and report the troll and see if the site admin will do anything about it...
  • I've had the same thing happen, and I've not even been ON AB very long! I just love talking, and "points" really are immaterial to me, so I guess that's why it doesn't bother me. : )
  • They are more prevalent again. I think it has something to do with the lunar cycle or something like that. They were on me yesterday like flies on a rotting corpse. They're just jealous of you, that's all and some Troll B Gone ought to repel them the next time around. Image gets bigger.

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