• Well are you going to be shaving your legs? if yes, then I would say to go with the shade that most matches your leg to not draw attention to the pantyhose. As Woman on a whole do not wear Pantyhose w/ shorts on regular basis either. I would try to stay as natural as possible...I hope that helps...
  • Go with whatever makes you happiest. If you're going to wear pantyhose with shorts, go with whatever color makes the most sense to you. If that happens to be black one day, so be it.
  • "If a male were to choose to wear pantyhose with shorts publicly" he'd be breaking one of the rules of hijab and violating the law in Deuteronomy 22:5 which says "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God."
  • I wear pantyhose almost 24/7 and I wear them with my shorts as well,i usually wear a beige or a suntan shade.
  • Wear whatever color you like"if you wanted to be real discreet about it a nude or a beige in a matte finish (not shiney)would be the best,I wear Hanes Alive in south pacific or barely there usually.
  • I need to wear a compression stocking on my left foot, and prefer the nude light color, even though they're also available in styles that mimic dress and athletic socks.
  • If you don't plan on shaving, then a (slightly) darker pair would work better. I never wear pantyhose unless I shave because the hair looks unnatural going all different directions. If you are going to wear them, you might as well look good, so I suggest shaving! Aside from that, a tasteful look is always more appreciated. Stick to the basics - there is a reason natural colors have been so successful. Don't wear fishnets with shorts - ever. It'll make you look cheap, like a hooker....except on Halloween.
  • Iwear tan or nude pantyhose with shorts suntan i think they are to dark. Ishave my leggs everyday.wich is apain in the butt.but they do look good.
  • borasalama, I read your answer and here is my reply to it. Deuteronomy does not say what pertains to a man or what pertains to a woman. If you do your reasearch before you start preaching you will fine that pantyhose were designed as tights by a man, for men to wear as leg wormers. It was the ladies that took the hose from men.
  • I wear tights under my shorts and kilts all the time. I got all colors. Love em.
  • Your selection of hosiery would depend on your reason for wearing them in the first place. If you have a medical condition that requires you to wear compression hose, then by all means, do it, and the color does not matter. If wearing for fetish reasons, and you would not want to draw any kind of attention to yourself, then the skin tones with a matte finish would be preferred. If you're in it just for the thrill or shock value, then any bold color or pattern would do, and you would produce the desired effect. Examine your motives and act accordingly.
  • Lighter in summer and darker in the winter. And since this question was posted on religion, I suggest you, particularly, follow those rules when going to church
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  • First expect to get quite a few odd looks (but who cares) second make sure you shave your legs (my wife will not let me do this even though I wear pantyhose every day just not with shorts because of this) Third start with a nude or light tan pair until you get accustomed to the looks and snears. Then have fun with it.
  • I wear pantyhose and shorts the majority of time during warm months, I wear a nude or neutral shade of hose. Naturally my legs ar kept smooth and free of any unsightly hair. To compelete trhe look I wear womens are unisex shoes, most mens styles look too heavy with hose, my favorite shoes are mary janes.

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