• Golf has the wealthiest people playing it.
  • Where do you get that 90% stat from? I like watching and playing, and don't find it boring in the least. I've been to a professional soccer game a couple seasons ago -- THAT was boring!!!
  • It just goes to prove how passionate Golf fans are of their sport. I used to think it was boring too, until I started to play it. It is an extremely challenging, difficult, exhilarhating, fun, frustrating sport. I absolutely love it. I'm not a great golfer, but if I could play it everyday, I would. Go take some lessons. Then go play a round or two. See what I mean. (Getting lessons at the start is soooo important. Don't let your friend who thinks he knows how to play get you started. I've been playing for 20+ years and I still don't give out tips. I'm not good enough to do that yet.)
  • Many many millions of people watch it on TV! Vast sums from sponsors provide the prize money. Yes, they are huge prizes, and those sponsors would not waste even a fraction of their advertising budgets if the sport wasn't popular! OK, there is always some loud-mouth at the party that wants to impress with silly jokes and just don't mention golf because he'll pounce. Those people know NOTHING! The pleasure, driving the ball off the first tee on a sunny spring morning to the song of the birds, and finding it 260 yards down the middle of the fairway, is .... well I KNOW and all golfers know what that's like! If you want me to give you a blow by blow account of this mornings round, I .... no, just joking!
  • Wealthy people play it, therefore wealthy people donate to it, therefore they give 'bigger' prizes.
  • Golf has seen a recent explosion in popularity (especially because of Tiger) making it far more popular than hockey, boxing and even comparable to baseball and basketball. For people that play and appreciate golf, it can very exciting to watch.
  • I can't think of another sport that you actually have to earn your money per event. If you don't play well you don't get paid well...............
  • the advertisers pay for the many people show up for the event...what the percentage of television viewers are really golfers.
  • 50,000 x $100/per day x 4 days = $20,000,000 before they even take on a sponsor or sell a hot dog or a golf hat. Add a few sponsors and then the TV rights and they are at 30-40 million for the US Open. Plus, golf appeals to people with money. Advertisers love people with money. Then, add Tiger and you have an even wider demographic. Then, add in stories like Phil the Thrill and then add the drama of the Ryder Cup competition. Then, add in that golfer's are rarely arrested or behave like thugs. Then, add in the history of guys like Palmer, Nicklaus, Hogan, Nelson, Player and Jones. Then, add in golfers like Annika, Paula, and Natalie. It's all a pretty good combination for making alot of money for everyone involved.

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