• Yes! Harrison Ford and I go back togrether a long way. I am looking forward to seeing the next Indiana Jones adventure. I know the old boy still has it! (smile).
  • No, not really..Sly Stallone kept Rocky alive.. why?The Rolling Stones keep rolling and I can't figure out why..they are so antiquated and look rather ridiculous up on stage bouncing is very sad to me when people hang on for dear life to something that once was their living..everyone else has moved on but they are stuck in a time warp! :(
  • Yes I am. I think there will be troubles at Viagara Falls.
  • Nope, a 60-70 year old man trying to be an adventurer being chased by tribes and running all that distance? I know some men can do these things, but really? I used to love the old ones, but sometimes it is better left alone before you ruin the image it had at first. Have you heard they are bringing back 90210 on The CW network. The main writer is freaking dead for goodness sake.
  • I'm going to see it this week. To be honest, I was never a big fan of the old Indy movies- I thought they were all cheesy and silly. I'm only really interested in seeing Cate Blanchett because she's my favourite actress.
  • Yes, like Rocky, his character has matured and it is reflected in the movie. It's not picking up where the old left off, something seems to have moved him back into action. The only fear I have is that most movies that try and surpass the Trilogy stage flop if they aren't based on established books. My only ray of hope is that they've been planning on this 4th movie for quite a long time and were waiting for a good story or script to come along that fit the time span and character and they feel they finally found it. Hopefully they are right. I'd hate to see it flop, I already skip Temple of Doom when watching the trilogy so hopefully this one can make up for it.
  • Although I love Harrison Ford, I think he looks rather silly trying to be Indiana Jones at his age now. HOWEVER, I would not have wanted another actor in his place. I would have rather they not made the movie if they tried to pull that shit. At least in the movie - from what I hear - he is supposedly decades older. Why he's jumping around with his whip and crap in the storyline is a completely different matter. I still think Harrison Ford is a sexy, sexy man though.

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