• To a dog, going eyeball to eyeball is a form of agression. It's asserting dominance. Edit: I'm not going to write a book, nor am I simply going to cut and paste someone else's work.That's the answer, if you like it or not (apparently not, judging by the negative rate) is correct according to many sources, so tell you what, go here and dig it up or here,7120,s6-238-267--5356-0,00.html or a multitude of other places saying exactly the same thing. I have no time for this.
  • Looking a dog directly in the eye can be a sing that you are trying to assert dominance over the dog; a submissive dog will drop their head and move on. S when you are yelling at little fluffy, and you stare him in the eyes, he knows that you are in charge, In the wild an alpha female will stare down another dog in her pack to assert dominance to them to let them know she is queen of the higherarchy
  • he thinks you're challenging him
  • They think they are being challenged and thus become aggravated and tend to attack the person staring them.
  • These are all correct answers and so points for everyone! There are times you can make eye contact...if you watch your dog you'll surely notice that sometimes they look at us with "Soft Eyes" a gentle, loving look of calm adoration from the dog to us. Hannah and I exchange soft eyes often first thing in the morning or before going to sleep...we both know what we are feeling and expressing is love. But, if she is acting up in some manner, I have no problem following up a requested command that she knows very clearly how to do...with a "Look" directly at her that says..."DO it NOW!" She usually does, if there was a hesitation before and then gets IMMEDIATE praise and a treat if I have one available. With a dog you do not know, it's best NOT to appear to be a threat, because you have no real clue if THIS DOG has issues or fears, or insecurities that could prompt it to take a direct stare as a major challenge. Staring eye to eye is generally considered the hight of rudeness in the dog world. This doesn't mean you should scamper over and give a strange dog (or any dog's) bum a good sniff! <wink>
  • Any dog? as in a dog you don't know? I wouldn't personally try it. However, MY dogs, to whom I am alpha, respond to a good hard stare with bows, apologies, and foot-licking. They know when they've done something wrong. Those are a couple of well trained dogs. ^_^ Go my hubby.
  • Staring annoys a dog.

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