• From a .edu site itself: Contrary to popular belief, a bachelor's degree is not always needed to land a well-paying job, according to a U-M study. In their study of 158 occupations in the Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin), Grimes and Glazer found that among 54 job fields with median annual earnings of at least $33,000 (about 10 percent above the typical yearly income in the Great Lakes region), 23 were occupations that required no four-year college degree. Such jobs included railroad and ship workers ($41,415), supervisors of precision production workers ($39,600), purchasing agents ($39,506), police officers ($38,301), electrical/electronic equipment repairers ($37,223), mail carriers ($35,369), tool and die makers ($34,587), plumbers ($34,531), electricians ($34,080), automobile salespersons ($33,560), fire fighters ($33,125) and engineering technicians ($33,000).
  • Wish I knew what you consider "good pay". With that in mind, I left the machinist trade, prototype machinist in research and development, in 1996 with a base annual gross income of $46,000 and usually grossed closer to $60,00 with overtime. (High school graduate).

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