• I think you mean 86'ed, not 86'd, so I've answered with what 86'ed means. 86'ed is diner or bar slang to end someone's order. It can be a negative order, where the patron is refused service. The inverse is in context of ingredients where parts of the order are "86'ed" or removed. 86'ed is also slang for murdering or "offing" someone. Believed to have roots in the military. There are several theories on the origin of the term. In the bar culture, it is attributed to Article 86 of the New York State Liquor Code. Article 86 specifically outlines the circumstances in which a bar patron should be refused alcohol or removed from the bar. In the restaurant culture, the theory goes back to the Great Depression and the soup kitchens. The legend goes that soup kitchens were limited to 85 patrons at a time so number 86 in line wouldn't receive food. From
  • I believe it comes from the California Gold Rush era and meant that a bar patron was being cut back to 86% proof because they couldn't handle their drink.
  • It's an old mob term. When they wanted someone taken care of (dead), 86 em! Meaning take them 8 miles out, wack em then bury them 6ft deep.
  • We used it in the restaurant business and when we ran out of something (roast beef etc.) We past the word to other waitresses 86 Roast beef so they would not take an order for that item.
  • Got this from Wikipedia yo... One of the explanations pertaining to death is the distance of eighty miles out and six feet under meaning when a person who is to be killed by the mafia is forced to dig his own grave many miles away from civilization; or the possibility of a simple variation of the slang term deep six, which has identical meaning, and is simply meant to describe the approximate depth of water (6 fathoms, 11 meters) needed for a burial at sea. The term came into popular use among soldiers and veterans to describe missing soldiers as 86'd. Rather than describe buddies missing in action, it was slang to describe the MIA as being AWOL, therefore violating UCMJ Sub Chapter X Article 86. The public outdoor observatory of the Empire State Building was on the 86th floor; the site of more than 30 suicides. Another origin related to the Empire State Building is the fact that all the elevators stop at the 86th floor. Hence, everyone had to leave. The building opened in 1931, apparently a few years before the term became popular.
  • You can't drink on these premises any more. You are barred for life from these premises.
  • 86'ed means something was thrown in the garbage, or something died.
  • It means u gay
  • All gone... no more... all out! Or...You're outta hea!
  • You are banned from somewhere and not allowed in sometimes for a while or sometimes forever.
  • In restaurant lingo, the kitchen yells it when they're all out of a certain menu item.
  • Dead. to 86 something is to kill it or trash it. The "day after" pill to prevent pregnancy was RU486. Nobody got it: Are you for 86ing the baby?
  • At the time of prohibition, there were speakeasys, one of the most famous in NYC, was either in or near the empire state bldg,the back door exited on #86 (something) street. Police, on the take, were paid by the speakeasy, to announce a "bust", before it happened, they simple opened the door and yelled "86"...

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