• More like a cabin in the mountains of Montana. Nothing to do with hustle-and-bustle, I don't participate in that aspect of city life, but just because.
  • Never. I wouldn't last a week. . .no, a day in the Arctic.
  • Oh, not the Arctic - too cold. Somewhere with a bit more greenery and a lot more sunshine would be nice though :)
  • Maybe not the Arctic but somewhere with a more moderate temperature.
  • Not to the Arctic. I hate the cold. But I would (and one day will) move to the country.
  • Not in the arctic. Permafrost would make it too difficult. I have taken a few breaks in rather remote areas in the pacific northwest of the US to just get away with my wife. But just walking away from it all has crossed my mind more than once.
  • The Arctic? No !! A beautiful tropical beach, surf and palm trees? Yes!!!
  • NOOOOOOO Wayyyyyy. This city isn't that much hustle-and-bustle and the Artic is toooooo colddddd. We have invigorating weather here. Change of temps and change of seasons. It's nice to think of a place that has good weather all the time, but that would get boring.
  • My son took me on a 10-day fishing trip to Alaska. The fish were biting and the scenery was breathtaking. I live in a hustle and bustle city and moving to Alaska would be more than a dream. Alaska is a little cooler, but the country is almost untouched by humans. The air is clean, no noise pollution and the country is free from litter. I had my dream, if it only lasted 10 days.
  • I'm living that dream, although not in the Arctic - I prefer a much more temperate climate.

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