• It's not the best quality! But it teaches a lesson that SO many need to learn!
  • This ones good.
  • Desperado - Eagles.
  • Triumph FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT Words and music by RIK EMMETT The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long Feels like we're running out of time Every day it seems much harder tellin' right from wrong You got to read between the lines Don't get discouraged, don't be afraid, we can Make it through another day Make it worth the price we pay The Good Book says it's better to give than to receive I do my best to do my part Nothin' in my pockets I got nothin' up my sleeve I keep my magic in my heart Keep up your spirit, keep up your faith, baby I am counting on you You know what you've got to do CHORUS: Fight the good fight every moment Every minute every day Fight the good fight every moment It's your only way All your life you've been waiting for your chance Where you'll fit into the plan But you're the master of your own destiny So give and take the best that you can You think a little more money will buy your soul some rest You'd better think of something else instead You're so afraid of being honest with yourself You'd better take a look inside your head Nothing is easy, nothing good is free But I can tell you where to start Take a look inside your heart There's an answer in your heart CHORUS
  • You can't always get what you want - The Rolling Stones
  • We are the champions - Queen.
  • Couldn't find better quality :( but here it is, "My Song" by Brandi Carlile
  • Sometimes beauty is only skin deep.
  • This is maybe not quite a song, but it did get a lot of air play on the radio.
  • Box of Rain Grateful Dead - Words by Robert Hunter; music by Phil Lesh Look out of any window any morning, any evening, any day Maybe the sun is shining birds are winging or rain is falling from a heavy sky - What do you want me to do, to do for you to see you through? this is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago Walk out of any doorway feel your way, feel your way like the day before Maybe you'll find direction around some corner where it's been waiting to meet you - What do you want me to do, to watch for you while you're sleeping? Well please don't be surprised when you find me dreaming too Look into any eyes you find by you, you can see clear through to another day I know it's been seen before through other eyes on other days while going home -- What do you want me to do, to do for you to see you through? It's all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago Walk into splintered sunlight Inch your way through dead dreams to another land Maybe you're tired and broken Your tongue is twisted with words half spoken and thoughts unclear What do you want me to do to do for you to see you through A box of rain will ease the pain and love will see you through Just a box of rain - wind and water - Believe it if you need it, if you don't just pass it on Sun and shower - Wind and rain - in and out the window like a moth before a flame It's just a box of rain I don't know who put it there Believe it if you need it or leave it if you dare But it's just a box of rain or a ribbon for your hair Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there
  • Sure. The last one is a bit off, but you can't say it wasn't informative. It shows that everywhere, there will always be that guy who makes a catchy song to promote his company. And that song is rarely good, but every once in awhile the stars align and a gem of a commercial is made. Ok, so it's just a catchy jingle - but that other stuff kind of seemed deep, didn't it?
  • Here's another beautiful video with a great lesson in the words. Grateful Dead - Ripple
  • These two songs taught me a lot about life: Elliot Smith - Angeles The Fray - Look After You
  • Here is one of many by Chris Ledoux.
  • Regina Spektor - The Devil Came to Bethlehem. I think it all depends on how you see life, though.
  • Sad but true - Transplants when the fog comes through the golden gate and the moon shines on the bay and everything has changed now that you have gone away things are getting darker and its harder for me to see and now you're an angel lookin over me [chorus:] back up back up - lets fuckin go beat up keyed up - this rocky road(2x) sad but true but the list is too long if i had to name you all it wouldnt be fit in this song this magnums got me thinkin and its making me pissed your lives were taken to early and you will always be missed all the mothers who cry and the fathers who mourn for every lifes that taken theres another child born that doesn't make it better and it doesn't make it right im just thankful everyday that you came in my life [chorus] In a dream you take a trip down Shattuck to Durant up the hill, to the steps, Sproul Plaza and Telegraph you pass Channing you pass Derby you go to Ashby down to Adeleine take mlk to fifty-fourth and go down to Genoa yeah and follow the bart tracks to Harmon street ahhh Harmon street Harmon street Harmon street yeah it's reoccurring it's like a dream I live a thousand times yeah and it's always like the very first time as time goes on i can never forget all the times we had memories i protect seems like yesterday when i last saw your face you're no longer here and noone can replace all the times we had wish they could happen again ill hold you in my heart in my heart till the end if i could make a change it'd be me not you so hard to see you go so sad but true [chorus]
  • Learn To Be Still- Eagles It's just another day in paradise As you stumble to your bed You'd give anything to silence Those voices in your head You thought you could find happiness Just over that green hill You thought you would be satisfied But you never will- Learn to be still We are like sheep without a shepherd We don't know how to be alone So we wander 'round this desert And wind up following the wrong gods home But the flock cries out for another And they keep answering that bell And one more starry-eyed messiah Meets a violent farewell- Learn to be still Learn to be still Now the flowers in your garden They don't smell so sweet Maybe you've forgotten The heaven lying at your feet (-Solo-) There are so many contradictions In all these messages we send (We keep asking) How do I get out of here? Where do I fit in? Though the world is torn and shaken Even if your heart is breakin' It's waiting for you to awalen And someday you will- Learn to be still Learn to be still You just keep on runnin' Keep on runnin'
  • I believe by Diamond Rio

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