• I Doubt It.. But You Could Be Arrested I Suppose For Dangerous Driving Or The Risk Of Harming Civilians Lol.. To Be Honest I Wouldnt Try It You Will Probably Not Be Able To See Anything! Lol
  • No, just stupid.
  • It can make you illegally good looking
  • Not if they are prescription glasses. Driving with sunglasses on at night is careless driving and is a citing offense. Try driving without any shoes. its not illegal or you could place your sunglasses on your toes.
  • Not sure if it is everywhere but I have been given a written warning for it in the past because they were not prescription sunglasses :)
  • I think so. Why would anybody want to though?
  • Ask Corey Hart. He did a entire song in the 80's about sunglasses being worn at night.
  • Only the yellow ones that permit more light to enter your eyes! All others are illegal!
  • Yes. its called View Obstruction. Have an accident, wearing sunglasses at night, and see how fast you are issued a citation. Also, auto insurance will not pay the claim.
  • Why does it matter? You might as well have asked "Is it illegal to pick my nose w/ the flame of a lit blowtorch while driving?" Why the fuck would you wear sunglasses while driving at night? That's every bit as fucked up as driving wasted...with the exception that if you have 3-5 more seconds warning of an impending accident you could actually take them off. Fucking stupid as hell. I hope your accident involves a tree and not another car/family when you have a wreck involving a fatality.
  • I have done that once or twice. My sunglasses were prescription and I desperately needed to be able to see. The tint on those glasses was not all that dark.
  • good question (despite what SOME ABers might have thought) I have no idea. I bet it's not illegal then again it's illegal to have the windshield tinted...mmmmmm.
  • 2nd Answer. What is the difference in wearing sunglasses at night and driving an automobile, compared to tinted glass on the windshield of a vehicle? Tinted windshields are illegal in all states. Soooooooooo........... I do believe a citation for either careless driving or view obstruction would be in order. This would make a good case to challenge in court.
  • Many years ago a special project required everyone to be on the job at 4:00 am. Luis arrived about 30 minutes late in possession of a wicked hangover. He was wearing sunglasses. I know that this has nothing to do with the legality of wearing sunglasses when it's dark but I thought it was an amusing story anyway. He was sent to an empty office to recover.
  • not that i know o

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