• I never heard of that.. I knew a child with Sickle cell and when they get sick, they are in so much pain and can not breath. Our red cells are rounded, in sickle cell they look just like sickles and get caught together, just like a bunch of sickles might.. The blood gets clogged up and is very painful and dangerous to the person..I don't think this child had purple lips. It's an awful desease, if he had it maybe he wouldn't be running.
  • people love to spread rumors about celebrities. They can't help it. I bet he's just nervous, or old, or tired.
  • And we have yet another rumour monger from the hard right!!!!!
  • Maybe he's a blue baby
  • It must be that the color on your TV needs to be adjusted.
  • Sickle Cell Anemia? Don't be ridiculous! Anyone with half a brain should realise that Obama's puple lips are because he's actually an alien sent to topple our government in preparation for the invasion by Islamic extremists from Neptune! Seriously though, some people are just funny looking, more than most people, even.
  • A black man with purple lips, is this possible?
  • OMG Obama is blurple?!?! *** Grimaces ***
  • Do have a picture of these purple lips?
  • It would be impossible for him to have sickle cell anemia. The condition requires two mutant copies of the gene, and the gene is exclusive to africans. Therefore even if his father had the gene, his euro-descended mother could not have had it, so at worst he would be a sickle-cell gene heterozygote having sickle cell trait, or a carrier with no symptoms.
  • The face of Obama in puckered-lip pose is on drudge today, . Do they look purple? I did not quite notice.
  • No, he met Kate Moss and was prematurely awarded a contract with Revlon. For the Washington look.
  • not biological possibility. when you see a close up of him, sometimes his lips do appear a bit purple-ish. mine do that too when a speak before a crowd or jump out of a plane. i've always attributed it to stress. gee, maybe both my parents are covert african-americans probably hellbent on destroying the confederacy once and for all!!!

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