• compare them to britney
  • Interesting question. We have similar subcultures in Germany. I just checked this page with instructive images:
  • see if their butt crack is showing and if they're wearing those flowery dollar store scrunchies. that might be an early sign.
  • I was always told once they get a 3rd tattoo. Don't shoot the messenger, I was only repeating what I was told.
  • If they wear scummy clothing They don't take a bath or they don't comb there hair.If you go in there house and it is so nasty you can't even walk around then that is trailor trash.
  • As the great Jeff Foxworthy says
  • they live in a trailer surrounded by trash
  • if you talk about your private matters out loud to everyone at your job, if you have a baby's daddy in jail and a back up one (who happens to be your boss at work) and you have a car that runs barely, and one on bricks at home that doesn't run.
  • If they use a rebel flag as their living room curtain, or if they park their truck in the front yard.
  • If your house has wheels, but your car is up on blocks. If half of the vehicles you own are running. If there are more major appliances on the porch than in the kitchen. If there is any piece of livingroom furniture on the porch or in the yard.
  • no teeth, no job, no clean clothes, at least 6 kids with different daddies, and a strong smell of meth cooking
  • pink flamingos in front of the trailer and a car frame used as a flower garden--and plenty of halter tops and wife beater shirts hanging on the antenna line
  • well, being a part of the trailer folk crowd myself (but one of the nicer more refined ones) the trailer trash in the trailer park i live in (and the ones i have lived in in the past) are usually characterized by 1. dogs bark all night 2.lots of crack (cocaine and butt) 3.dirty yards who are dumb and dont go to school 5.alot of fights
  • You walk around in public without shoes (i.e the grocery store) You're a man, and you go in public places with no shirt. You bathe once a week. Your kids have lice.
  • 5 cars parked in the lawn, 1 of them runs.
  • Trailertrash is just a term used for someone who is more or less a bum, or leads a nonsatisfactory type of lifestyle. trailertrash would be someone who has no respect for anything or anyone, and is very negligent, as well as someone who chooses to spend their money foolishly, and not live as lavish as others may . Vulgar, violence, and disrespect are some of the key characteristics of someone who would be considered "trailertrash" . Have a good one..
  • You have a Kentucky waterfall (ie. a Mullett-business in the front party in the back) and Summer teeth(some are here and some are there) Official beer is Miller High life You have an official nascar tattoo (with trademark cuz' it's way more classy that way) your favorite t-shirt only has 1 stain and proudly states ELVIS LIVES when you get a new shirt the first thing you do is remove the sleeve's And last but not least.... You get dressed up to go to "The Walmart"
  • You can't tell if someone is trailertrash from looking at them. And a lot of people who live in trailers aren't trash. My boss lives in a trailer and is an extremely neat, tidy, wonderful person.
  • If you walk your child to school because you're in the same grade!!
  • Empty beer cans all through the yard, cars on cinder blocks, dirty, barefoot children running wild, and young women dressed like 'Daisy Mae' and Billie or Bobbie Joe.
  • They sound like the Obama's!
  • met one the other day who nearly rammed the front of my car because she wanted a parking space that she already passed. Instead of politely asking for use to back up (there were cars behind us it was rather difficult without hitting other cars) she kept reversing her car and actually tried to move our car back with her car. she got out of her car and spurted out the most obscene and vile words I've ever heard from a woman her age. I told her I was going to let her have the spot anyway because there are open lots everywhere. I then told her we could have gotten into an accident involving other cars and she started spurting out nonsense about how she could kick my ass. she was messy, unhygienic, rude, and no respect for other people .. that's trailer trash in my opinion. for those that get angry and say not all people who live in trailers act and look like that then i say to you they are not trash. my best friend lives in a trailer and she's an amazing person who can cook!
  • They've been married three times ... ... and each time with the same in-laws.

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