• I don't think they actually hate teenagers, I think they are just in denial that they could have ever been like that.
  • They don't hate teenagers, they used to be teenagers.
  • Because teenagers know everything and we know nothing.
  • We envy their freedom, the simplicity of their lives, and that feeling of invicibility that we used to have when our bodies were young and recovered more quickly than today.
  • i dont i have three of my own and god knows how many of thier friends here all the time, i have a good laugh with them.
  • Many adults subconsciously resent that teens have their whole lives ahead of them, strong, vigorous bodies, and perhaps feel threatened by youth. In ancient times, a person was at the prime of their life at 15. People over 25 were over the hill. I believe the instinct to feel threatened by younger competitors remains in adults.
  • because adults were once teens and they no the mistakes that they have to let there child to learn a lesson
  • It's not that we hate them, we hate the arrogant attitudes in some of the bad ones lol. Of course people make mistakes, I personally have made some bad ones, but I was humble and didn't think I was a know it all. I think a lot of teens are smart and know right from wrong, but...there are always those few bad apples that really need to be put in their place by an adult and I think some need a good ass whooping. I think the key is being humble and definitely using common sense. I used it when I was a teen, and I wasn't even that smart, so I'm sure a lot of others can.
  • I don't hate teenagers - but a lot do seriously irritate me! Because they can be so frustratingly irrational, selfish, stupid, cruel and ignorant - and because I was one once and it embarrasses me to remember how I was!
  • Because the adults realize that the teenagers are going to make the same mistakes that they did. The adults try and steer the teenager away from those mistakes but they seem inevitable. It's life. And adults don't hate teenagers, it just seems that way. Were just looking out for them.
  • Not hate. Just annoyed. Teenagers can be rude, loud, selfish, and idiotic. Like kids that scream in movies and talk loudly or answer their phones and just talk, or kids that drive real crazy and think it's hilarious... stuff like that. -.-
  • I hated teenagers while I still was one.
  • Maybe some adults think that most teenagers are disrespectful of others.
  • It's not they hate them, it's more that they know that they think they know it all, but will one day realize that they don't
  • It's not that they hate teenagers they just hate your dumb choices!
  • It's probably because of our attitudes and our "millinial" way of life. I personally DGAF because I'm just a bitch so they can suck it up. Is language ok on the site? I hope so xD

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