• Which one-strong or weak? And how do you mean, what would happen? There are at least 3 at work on the nucleus of an atom, possibly 4 if we can tie gravity into the TOE---excellent question
  • The nucleus of the hydrogen atom consists of one proton. Inside the pronton are three quarks bound by the strong nuclear force. If the strong nuclear force didn't exist, the three quarks would escape. There would be four electrically charged particles: two up quarks with a positive charge of 2/3, one down quark with a charge of -1/3 and the electron with a charge of -1. These would orbit each other in a new bigger kind of atom held together by electrostatic forces. But if the strong nuclear force didn't exist, then perhaps quarks could not exist and so protons and atoms could not exist, so you could not be here to be asking the question!

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