• This is a very complicated question. It depends on whether the employee falls in one of doezens of categories of exempt employees. Sometimes it is not obvious whether a person falls in an exempt category and will require a close analysis of the person's education, experience and job duties. Google "Fair Labor Standards Act" for more info. This is something that is worth taking to an employment lawyer. A lawyer should give a free consultation and can tell you whether th eemployee has a case and about how much its worth.
  • Yes, but a good employee has the right to find other employment. Wages have not keep up with the jobs. So low end salaried employess are exploited. It is up to you to stand against it. If you put up with it you make it harder on others. In California they pay you more just to put you on salary so they don't have to pay you overtime. Then they work you 55 to 60 hours a week. To make up for it. You put up with it for the 130k they pay.
  • not that i know of
  • Yes. If you're salaried, you're not gonna be eligible for overtime in most cases.

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