• i am and no its not by choice its due to ill health.
  • Yes, I just graduated from college
  • I'm employed, but I was unemployed for a few months after finishing college. It was not by choice! Everyday all I wanted was to hear "you're hired" from an employer.
  • i'm employed. honestly unless you're sick or disabled, or your family/partner makes alot of money, why would you sit at home and be helpless? i couldn't do it.
  • Me! Yes. I decided to drop out of the rat race and raise my children instead.
  • I am but not for a long time since I'm going to college to be a paralegal. Honestly I rather raise my kids than work, but I need to help my husband too so we can have a better comfortable lifestyle and money for our kids also
  • I'm unemployed. I guess it's by choice, unless you think laziness is decided at birth.
  • I am and it's by choice.
  • Me, because my higher education is more important to me at this time in my life.
  • I am technically unemployed, since I'm a retired/disabled US Army officer. Although that wasn't by choice, I rather like being paid to sit on my tush! : D
  • What's the other choice? My "career" was basically destroyed by an abusive boss. Not content with shoving me out of the company, he then went to the personnel department and said "This is not someone the company wants to employ." All this after five years of good reviews. I don't think he bothered to look at them.
  • I am and I choose to stay that way from now until the end of time. :)
  • I don't call it unemployed, I call it done working for the man. Retired. Yes!Yes!Yes! it is by choice!
  • I am unemployed, because of an illness.
  • unfortunately for me I am a wage slave. I haven't a rich uncle or met a 90 yr old millionaire woman to marry and push down the steps yet. I wonder though how there are so many unemployed people?! I see some are retired, ok...some go to college, ok...but what about the rest? Is everyone here living off the system?! Maybe I could retire if my tax dollars weren't paying for a million other people's lifestyle preferences? I dunno........Even when I worked for myself and owned my own business I still worked 80 hours a week and not by choice! I have 2 degrees and still make less than 100 grand a yr. What's your tricks people? share the wealth of knowledge!
  • I am unemployed currently. Total whiff. If I get lucky I should have a job by mid next week
  • I'm unemployed but am looking for work, hopefully find a job soon, getting sick of eating pasta every night. LOL
  • I am unemployed but will be taking care of my grandma a couple times a week this summer.
  • I'm unemployed and have been for the past 10 years. At first it was a choice, since meeting my husband back then I was fortunate enough to not have to work. But now, a decade later and at 43, I'm having such a hard time getting back into the work force. I hate sitting around at home all the time and I don't really have any marketable skills to speak of. My husband is alot older than me and I worry if something were to happen to him tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to sustain myself, the mortgage, utilities, and all the other bills we get.
  • I was unemployed twice - not by choice - once for 7-1/2 months and once for 5-1/2 months. If it ever happens again I will become homeless - not by choice.

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