• Honestly and sadly it would depend on there appearance and age.
  • I'd give them a nice and helpful wave as I drove slowly by.
  • It would depend on why I don't like them. There are people where I live that I don't particularly like but would help them if they were stranded. But there are one or two that I don't like because of attempted verbal abuse and bullying that I would pass by with a smile .. I might even slow down to smile!
  • it would really depend on why I didnt like the person. If it was just indifference or dislike for something petty, I would still do it. If it were for something major like theft or sleeping with my s/o or something I probbaly wouldn't
  • I would drive by and probably have a guilty conscious but I would not go back.
  • I would seize the opportunity to overcome my own prejudice of him by extending to him a helping hand. I may hesitate a little but I would do it.
  • I would probably pull over, and when he walks up to my car, i'd just pull away : )
  • We are talking about a life here.
  • Of course I would. I'd at least let that person use my cell phone if needed.
  • Meh probably. Why not, ya know?
  • Depends on why I don't like them and why and where they are stranded. If they are in adangerous place (middle of the desert) or have had a accident I will most definitely help, no matter what. If they can get out of it on their own, just with a little trouble and aggravation, then so be it!
  • Yes. I'm compelled to help, especially those with whom I have differences.
  • if i knew them and knew they weren't violent i would stop. if i didn't trust them and felt unsure about my safety hell no.
  • Depends what they're in trouble with. I mean, if their life hangs in the can actually get arrested for not helping if you could have, or so I've heard. XD Otherwise I'd be like, SCREW YOU HIPPY! Well, I don't know, if I could help with genuine intent, it might show that there's more in my frozen heart then I imagine. :D
  • Probably not. I think I would pretend to not notice them
  • Stranded? I hate to admit it, but yes I would.
  • It might depend on why I don't like them. I really do like most people. If I felt safe around them, sure, I'd stop and give them a hand. If I feared them, no, but I might stop somewhere and tell someone about their whereabouts.
  • That depends upon why I don't like them, the risk of harm to me, and the risk of harm to the person. If it were noon and 1 mile from a gas station, I probably wouldn't help someone I greatly disliked. However, if it were midnight far from anywhere, I certainly would. Then again, if the person were likely to harm me in any way, I'd call for assistance and tell them the person's location.
  • If they aren't in danger...hell no! I would drive by real slow like and wave with one finger....if only I could do this to my ex and the girl he cheated on me with...;0

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